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We operate in key market sectors, Government, Healthcare, Finance and Retail

Over the years we've gained valuable insight and experience in many sectors in a wide variety of global markets.

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We've been developing software technology for the healthcare sector since 2003. We've produced Digital Campaigns for Sudocrem and Infacol and designed and developed the largest 360 feedback and revalidation network currently operating throughout the UK today. 

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Public Sector

Over the years we have had experience working for government agencies, mainly the NHS, NHS Trusts. CQC and ensuring working practices and project delivery always meets the high exacting standards required. We have a wide range of essential end to end project skills for discovery, planning, project management, front end design, backend development, security, testing, evaluation, Q/A and on-going support and maintenance. 

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Market Analysis


Developing software for the financial sector and ensuring it meets with compliance and is safe from Cyber crime is something we've had many years experience. From expert Digital Consultancy, Digital Transformation, ERP and the development and deployment of large Intranets to smaller apps we have the experience to deliver and drive innovation to your organisation.

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From large integrated E-commerce to EPOS platforms, to Secure payment systems and E-Learning for staff training and Online publications we've developed user interfaces and software that lead the way to ensuring your brand increases efficiency, revenue and stands at the forefront of technology. 

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