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Custom Database Development

We specialise in custom Database development, Database management (DBMS), Administration, Support and integration of MySQL, RethinkDB, PostGreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and IBM DB2 using the best optimised sql queries..

> Digital Ecosystems

> Intranet/Extranet Development

> Website Design, UI and UX

> SEO Search Engine Positioning

> Hosting Systems and Support

Mobile App development, consultancy, prototyping,

UX, UI design

Rebel uses best practices to build optimally structured and designed databases. Rebel's team of experienced programmers use the most optimised sql queries to build database driven applications — creating the best performing database applications.


We provide reliable, clean and maintainable code and Rebel also has experience in techniques such as database caching which helps database applications run faster and in a more efficient manner.

Mobile Apps for Start ups

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Mobile Apps for SME's

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

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Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Mobile apps for Startups

Behind every successful tech-enabled startup, there is a mobile strategy.


Gauging the need of today’s startups, we prove our expertise in delivering iOS and Android mobile app development. Write your Startup Growth Story, With us!

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The roar of the engines and the smell of burning rubber only fueled our passion to work with the team at Honda F1 to develop new ideas for interactive user interfaces and push the boundaries of user experience to the limits of technology. 

We love working in collaboration. So when the talented guys at CaThree asked us to develop a new HR Onboarding software platform for Aviva to help integrate senior management into the Aviva culture and workplace we jumped at the chance. 

We're currently working with SmilePass the leading Biometrics Security (SaaS) organisation to produce a new set of Biometrics developer apps and a range of affordable Biometrics Software applications for a wide range of market sectors. In addition to this we're working closely with them to refine and develop their digital business strategies.

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When Hiscox needed a new Website we were there from the beginning to help them design, develop and optimise the perfect user experience provide their visitors with an easier online experience that reflected their core cultural values. 

At Rebel we love to develop software with the very best languages the market has to offer. This is why we're proud to promote ourselves as expert GoLang developers. So why use GoLang? 

Yep! Yep! Yep! We all know about project management techniques. But how many of them really make good on their promises to deliver on time and on budget in a way that puts the customer in the driving seat of what part of the project they want to see developed first?


At Rebel we cut through the red tape to use our own 'tried and tested' project management methodologies to always deliver quickly and efficiently, on time and on budget to exact project specifications and to exceed your expectations. It's not rocket science, it's Rebel science and it's what we do to give your projects a boost!

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