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Helping your business fight Cyber Crime

At Rebel we proactively monitor your IT infrastructure and respond immediately to any threat, ensuring your data is always 100% safe and secure



Protect your IT infrastructure cost effectively with our Rebel Cyber security monitoring software plans. Ask us for a FREE security vulnerability scan now.

Cyber Security


No one wants to get hacked and become a victim of Cyber Crime. However most Websites and Servers have huge security vulnerabilites that are almost always overlooked. Criminals seize these opporunities to launch attacks, steal data and cause costly disruption.


Each year the cost of Cyber Crime is measured in billions but the damage to brand reputation can be devastating.

Testing and Evaluation

At Rebel we provide you with a full range of the very latest accredited and certified Cyber Security monitoring services that continually test and evaluate your systems, policies and people to the level required allowing you to meet regulatory, contractual and compliance conditions. 


From the basic essentials, through to full comprehensive Penetration Testing, ISO 27001 and PCI:DSS assessments, Rebel will provide the expert, certified service that you require.

Ongoing Protection & Costs

At Rebel we provide you with easy affordable monthly payment plans to ensure your systems are tested on a regular basis and any vulnerabilities accessed and delt with immediately 

Getting started is easy just call us and we'll provide you with a FREE vulnerability scan of your systems and a full report. We'll then take immediate steps to plan how we can fix them and protect you from future attacks.


Monthly Cyber Security monitoring payment plans start from as little as £1500 per month



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Call us and speak to an expert security consultant to arrange for a FREE security vulnerability scan now +44 (0)203 327 4568

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